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Faites vous partie des milliers de personnes qui éprouvent des problème d'incontinence? Ne laissez pas l'incontinence changer votre vie.

Vivre pleinement et activement - deux principes qui guident la marque dans sa perpétuelle quête de qualité.

Saviez-vous que 55% des femmes de plus de 55 ans étaient sujettes à l'incontinence? Saviez-vous que 30% des hommes de plus de 65 ans rencontraient des problèmes d'incontinence?

Créé pour aider les gens à vivre confortablement, logo_aniva_blanc vous rend la vie plus facile, tout simplement.

Les produits d'incontinence logo_aniva_blanc offrent le meilleur rapport qualité/prix sur le marché, alliant confort, style et une grande capacité d’absorption.

Utilisez notre localisateur pour trouvez vos produits logo_aniva_blanc en ligne et dans nos différents revendeurs officiels nord-américains.


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+Philippe, 40 years old, is a caregiver. For five years now he has been looking after his father Francis and looks after getting his incontinence products. In fact, his father is no longer able to walk, as he could before, to buy incontinence products at the store near his home.

Philippe, as he always did, visited his father who lived on his own in an apartment. This visit was always an important time for Philippe, as he could unwind after an intense week at work to be face to face and having a conversation with his father during the afternoon. He and Francis had a ritual of watching the hockey game together on TV, just like when Philippe was young. Neither of them would give up these weekly reunions for anything in the world.

About five years ago, Philippe started to perceive awkwardness between he and his father. Their relationship had changed in such a way that Philippe began to question it. During their visits, his father would often excuse himself to go the bathroom as if to isolate himself. In the evening, he refused to watch the usual hockey game with his son stating he was extremely tired. Philippe even asked his father if he wanted to see him anymore.

The situation lasted like this for about three months until Philippe decided to be frank and address this with his father. It had become intolerable for him to see a loved one fall little by little into complete isolation to the point that his father no longer wanted to spend time with him. One beautiful spring day, Philippe picked up his father and they went to a park and had a conversation. Philippe dealt with the problem head-on by asking his father point-blank what was wrong. His father stayed silent for several moments and broke into tears. It was difficult for Philippe to see his father, a man who was so strong and unbeatable, cry in front of him.
He also said that as a man, he refused to tarnish his image by talking to those around him about his incontinence problems.

His father confided to him for a long while about his incontinence problems. In the beginning he was rather cold and distant in his explanations, but Philippe noticed that his father gradually softened and relaxed little by little and the conversation progressed. His father told him that he didn’t ever want to have to talk about it, because it was against what he felt a father should be in the eyes of his children. He also said that as a man, he refused to tarnish his image by talking to those around him about his incontinence problems.

After their conversation at the park, Philippe and Francis went back to the apartment. Francis explained his incontinence problems to his son and said that he could no longer handle changing his clothes three times a day and not being able to have a beer with his son while watching the game. Philippe suggested that he go see a specialist in order to know more about the causes of his incontinence. After the conversation, both were relieved to have finally rid themselves of the strain that was ruining their close-knit relationship.

The following week, when Philippe returned to get his father, he could immediately see from the look on his face that things were going better. His father told him about the meeting with his doctor and the advice given to him. Philippe told him that in a way, it was the cycle of life: his father took care of him when he was a baby, and now Philippe was taking care of his father. Today, Philippe continues to visit his father to spend long afternoons with him and to watch the game. Philippe is still proud of his father, because he rediscovered a taste for life by wearing appropriate products to address his incontinence problems.

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