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Qu'est ce que logo_aniva_blanc ?

Faites vous partie des milliers de personnes qui éprouvent des problème d'incontinence? Ne laissez pas l'incontinence changer votre vie.

Vivre pleinement et activement - deux principes qui guident la marque dans sa perpétuelle quête de qualité.

Saviez-vous que 55% des femmes de plus de 55 ans étaient sujettes à l'incontinence? Saviez-vous que 30% des hommes de plus de 65 ans rencontraient des problèmes d'incontinence?

Créé pour aider les gens à vivre confortablement, logo_aniva_blanc vous rend la vie plus facile, tout simplement.

Les produits d'incontinence logo_aniva_blanc offrent le meilleur rapport qualité/prix sur le marché, alliant confort, style et une grande capacité d’absorption.

Utilisez notre localisateur pour trouvez vos produits logo_aniva_blanc en ligne et dans nos différents revendeurs officiels nord-américains.

ComfortLive more comfortably

Over the past 20 years, the number of companies making products related to (urinary) incontinence has grown in relation to the size of the problem as more and more people disclose it. The primary purpose of our products is to help you live more comfortably. Our products are designed to be worn comfortably without irritation and all day long.

Try them! Request a free sample.

Discretionsimple, invisible products

Why hesitate to take this help? Our products are designed to be discreet. As it is now, women wait an average of five years before consulting a doctor about their incontinence. We understand that you want to be protected and you don’t want anyone to know about it.

Our products are designed with this in mind – a discreet color band assures you optimum support while ensuring the best protection.

ProtectionTest the quality of our protection

Many factors determine a person’s choice of urinary incontinence products. Size, shape, color, or even ease-of-use are important considerations. But without optimal protection, the briefs we suggest may not meet your needs.

That’s why Aniva™ has chosen protection first.

Unit costMore briefs per package

Most people today prefer to manage their urinary incontinence themselves, rather than consult a doctor. Additionally, the multitude of incontinence products can make it difficult to find the best product at the best price.Aniva™ has chosen simplicity. Discretion, comfort and protection at competitive prices. Health products should not be your primary living expense. Save money now by testing our products on line.

ConfidenceExperts talk about it

As proof of our quality, Aniva™ products are already distributed in many retirement and nursing homes in Québec and in Canada.

For us, this is a vote of confidence – since many thousands of people use our products every day.

ReliabilityLatex free

Designed to support you for the entire day, (or night), Aniva™ products are guaranteed latex-free and are made to eliminate the irritation problems often encountered with this type of product.

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