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What is logo_aniva_blanc ?

Are you part of thousands of people who experience incontinence problems? Don't let incontinence change your life.

Live fully and actively - two principles that guide the brand in its perpetual quest for quality.

Did you know that 55% of women over 55 suffer from urinary incontinence? Did you know that 30% of men over 65 had knew problems about incontinence?

Created to help people live comfortably, logo_aniva_blanc makes you life easier, simply.

Incontinence products logo_aniva_blanc offer the best quality / price ratio on the market, combining comfort, style and great absorbency.

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culottes protectrices


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Protection offered (choose your protection)
régulier plus
3 features of protective underwear
  • An ideal product for active, autonomous people
  • Comfortable and protective briefs
  • “Discretion” guaranteed: It looks like traditional underwear
Technical characteristics of the product
  • Lower waistband for comfort and discretion.
  • Colored stitching oriented toward the front.
  • Easy detachment from the side.
  • Aerated panels to help your skin breath and to stay dry.
  • Gel-filled center for additional protection and odor control.
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