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What is logo_aniva_blanc ?

Are you part of thousands of people who experience incontinence problems? Don't let incontinence change your life.

Live fully and actively - two principles that guide the brand in its perpetual quest for quality.

Did you know that 55% of women over 55 suffer from urinary incontinence? Did you know that 30% of men over 65 had knew problems about incontinence?

Created to help people live comfortably, logo_aniva_blanc makes you life easier, simply.

Incontinence products logo_aniva_blanc offer the best quality / price ratio on the market, combining comfort, style and great absorbency.

Use our store locator to find your logo_aniva_blancproducts online and in our various North American authorized sellers.


The Aniva™ brand incontinence product was created to help people live more comfortably. Our goal is to ensure that our products provide the best protection, Aniva™ provides top quality incontinence products at competitive prices.


All of our products are designed without latex and adhere to industry standards in terms of protection and comfort. Thanks to Aniva™, you benefit from an elaborate variety of incontinence products at the best prices. The simplicity of our line of products is its’ strength. The discretion of our products is an asset. Our guarantee is the level of protection we offer.


Our products are designed to be discreet and to conceal perfectly under your clothing. To try our products, just complete the request form on our website to get your free sample.

If you have a question or wish to receive additional information about Aniva™ products, please use our online contact form to make your information request. We will respond to you quickly.

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